Friday, September 19, 2008

I've been so busy in these last 2 months, that my mom hasn't had a chance to update the blog because she's had to keep up with me! Here's what I've been up to... My baptism was a special day- many friends and family came to see me, and there was a luncheon afterwards, just for me!
I'm now a pro at sitting up...I can even multi-task, like smiling while sitting up. I am only 8 months old, you know?
I'm crawling all over the place now! Here's me in action!
The doctor said I could get started on finger foods, but I don't think he meant the cat food... My mommy quickly realized that I could go exploring from room to room, and who knows what I'll find??

I've also started practicing pulling myself up and even walking, but mommy said that I shouldn't do this... She said she's not ready for me to grow up yet. I'm guessing she'll probably have a very hard time when I start kindergarten!

Practicing this standing-thing again, but I have to concentrate really, really hard. At least I had Grandma there for moral support.

I just LOVE playing with my cousin Reeves!

More cousins! There are 2 missing but they're boys and I don't like boys yet. My daddy said that might not ever happen...???

Honey is so much fun to hang out with!

I don't know what 'dear life' is but my mommy said I was holding on for it...

I think this is fun to do instead of napping, but why isn't my mom laughing??

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Nikki said...

Maggie - Just checking it to see the latest on your little girl. Looks like she's been very busy lately. Crawling and pulling up can be tiring, especially for Mama! Take care.