Monday, May 26, 2008

Growing Up Too Quickly

I have been so busy, growing up before my parents' eyes! Learning to hold my own bottle...
Swimming for the first time! I loved the water!

My mom wants to know why only babies look cute this pudgy???

I'm ready! Let's go!

Swimming was fun, but tiring! I like to just relax with my daddy and watch tv...

More water! I love baths, too!

Yay! Grandma came to visit and I love seeing her! She takes such good care of me!

Eating food for the first time! I didn't realize that the food was supposed to go IN my mouth and not all around it!

I'm a pro at flipping over!

Mother's day with my mommy, daddy, Honey and Bear and Aunt Megan and Uncle Kyle. My mommy said because of me she had the best day ever!

No, not potty training yet---mommy was keeping me safe during a storm! Daddy laughed at us but who would have been safe if a tornado hit???

Bear had his big flashlight and I had my little one, in case the storm hit...

Mommy is teaching me early about the finer things in life- like pampering myself. Here I am at my first pedicure! As you can see, Mommy has also taught me the importance of staying abreast of current events...

I am also well-travelled- I went back to New Orleans for the Jazz Fest, and got to hang out with Grandma...

... While mommy and daddy were with Aunt Ginny watching Billy Joel in the rain.