Sunday, July 20, 2008

I had my 6-month birthday on July 13th, and a few days later I thought I'd show my mommy and daddy some new tricks... like sitting up on my own!

My mom and dad got me a new chair to eat in...
Which my mom promptly found comes in handy for more than just eating.

We went to "uncle" Jon's house in Como, my first taste of country life.

Where there was strange "wild life" I'd never seen before.

More wild life! Although this one was much softer and sweeter.

Fun with daddy. He thinks it's cute now but, boy am I going to wear him out with this later.

My first trip to the beach!
Another way I'll be wearing out my daddy later...Just wait until I weigh 30 lbs and ask you to do this.
Played in the water, then slept.
Played in the sand...

Then slept.
Those aren't tan lines. Those are my rolls.

Thanks Grandma and Papa Cal for giving me my first beach trip!

That's not sand in my cheeks...

If I take this picture really quickly, I can go back to sleep...

I found it and you can't have it.

I was a big girl and went to my cousin's birthday party, where I was the life of the party and everyone just crowded around me...

...For about 2 minutes, then all they left was this balloon.

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MLS said...

I love the big family picture!!!