Friday, April 18, 2008

Young and Restless!

I think my mommy and daddy want me to grow up faster than I actually am... Daddy, I'm barely big enough for this chair!!

I LOVE spending my days with Ms. Roselyn while mommy's working!

The sweet ladies at my daddy's office had a 'sip and see' so that everyone could see me... and I just wanted to stare at these mesmerizing balloons!

I got to see my cousin Reeves at Honey and Bear's house...

Umm, who is this and why is he touching me??

Lumpy love is getting lumpier!!

Easter in New Orleans where I got to see "aunt" Kristi and Madeline!!

This looks a little like me, but it's my mommy!

I loved my Easter dress - thanks Granddaddy and GrandMary!

Easter with my mommy's family was such fun- and my first brunch! I feel like such a big girl!

I got to see my grandaddy who liked to nap with me....

And GrandMary, who took me shopping!

Deep thoughts... Eat, poop or sleep- what should I do??

I wonder if the FED monetary policy will affect the current economic downturn... Just kidding! Still just thinking of eating, pooping or sleeping!

I am pretty sure I'm just a baby and not any kind of food, but for some reason my mommy keeps saying she wants to "eat me up"....

While in New Orleans, I got to see Horton Hears a Who with all of my cousins!

Where I was a big girl and watched the movie just like everybody else! It's a really good thing I'm not old enough to be embarassed by my mommy, who took a picture in the movie...