Thursday, November 13, 2008

Oh, The Places I've Been!

Oh, the places I've been! In the last 2 months I ...

Had a great time when Grandma came to visit and took me and my cousins to the park...where I got to swing for the first time! Went on my first airplane trip! I went to Vermont for Granddaddy's 70th birthday...
where the foliage was so beautiful. Thanks Granddaddy for a great trip!

Didn't have to go anywhere for this picture, but my mommy thinks I might as well go to Paris or Rome to start my modeling career...Went to a nearby farm and went on a hayride with Honey...where we found a pumpkin patch.

Went to a fall festival at church, where a goat wanted to be my friend.

Went trick or treating with my cousin Reeves, the skunk

Went to New Orleans, where I hung out with Grandma and Aunt Ginny and my cousins...
And Granddaddy and Grandmary.
Went on a walk with my new walker...

And for a ride on mommy's shoulders.
And finally, I went to an 'unhappy place'...

How I Learned to Drink

Here's how it all started. When it was time for me to eat my bottle, someone (like Grandma!) always held it for me. So I got used to that. And I liked it. Then all of a sudden I was expected to hold my bottle all on my own. And eat all by myself? Don't think so! I'll show them- I've got this all figured out, and I don't even have to work for it. THEN I find out it's not just a bottle, but a sippy cup TOO? This is all just too much for me to handle. I see it. I want it. But I will not pick it up. Someone's going to have to do it for me.

Yep, I knew if I just sat there long enough mommy would come along and help me. After a while, even though I knew my mommy and daddy would help me, I decided to see if I could do it on my own. And what do you know- I can!
Oh, and just to show off, I can hold a really big bottle, too.

Friday, September 19, 2008

I've been so busy in these last 2 months, that my mom hasn't had a chance to update the blog because she's had to keep up with me! Here's what I've been up to... My baptism was a special day- many friends and family came to see me, and there was a luncheon afterwards, just for me!
I'm now a pro at sitting up...I can even multi-task, like smiling while sitting up. I am only 8 months old, you know?
I'm crawling all over the place now! Here's me in action!
The doctor said I could get started on finger foods, but I don't think he meant the cat food... My mommy quickly realized that I could go exploring from room to room, and who knows what I'll find??

I've also started practicing pulling myself up and even walking, but mommy said that I shouldn't do this... She said she's not ready for me to grow up yet. I'm guessing she'll probably have a very hard time when I start kindergarten!

Practicing this standing-thing again, but I have to concentrate really, really hard. At least I had Grandma there for moral support.

I just LOVE playing with my cousin Reeves!

More cousins! There are 2 missing but they're boys and I don't like boys yet. My daddy said that might not ever happen...???

Honey is so much fun to hang out with!

I don't know what 'dear life' is but my mommy said I was holding on for it...

I think this is fun to do instead of napping, but why isn't my mom laughing??

Sunday, July 20, 2008

I had my 6-month birthday on July 13th, and a few days later I thought I'd show my mommy and daddy some new tricks... like sitting up on my own!

My mom and dad got me a new chair to eat in...
Which my mom promptly found comes in handy for more than just eating.

We went to "uncle" Jon's house in Como, my first taste of country life.

Where there was strange "wild life" I'd never seen before.

More wild life! Although this one was much softer and sweeter.

Fun with daddy. He thinks it's cute now but, boy am I going to wear him out with this later.

My first trip to the beach!
Another way I'll be wearing out my daddy later...Just wait until I weigh 30 lbs and ask you to do this.
Played in the water, then slept.
Played in the sand...

Then slept.
Those aren't tan lines. Those are my rolls.

Thanks Grandma and Papa Cal for giving me my first beach trip!

That's not sand in my cheeks...

If I take this picture really quickly, I can go back to sleep...

I found it and you can't have it.

I was a big girl and went to my cousin's birthday party, where I was the life of the party and everyone just crowded around me...

...For about 2 minutes, then all they left was this balloon.