Thursday, January 31, 2008

One Life to Live

I've had a good week! I've had visitors (if you visit me, I'll put your picture on my blog!) , I've learned to take baths, and I've learned how to pose for mommy, who loves taking my picture. Although, I did hate to see Grandma go...She was so helpful and we can't wait to see her again soon! I also got to meet my cousin Reeves, who seems so big to me! And I met my sweet Aunt Jenny. I also got to hang out with my cousin Caroline, who asked if she could bring me to show and tell at school! I am so excited about tomorrow night- I get to spend the night with my grandparents Honey and Bear! I'll also get to see Uncle Kyle and Aunt Megan! Then on Saturday my aunt Ginny comes to visit me!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

General Hospital

We had a rough weekend :( On Friday, Sara Louise was very lethargic and wasn't eating well, so we took her to the doctor who said she had jaundice and that her levels were fairly high. We were given a machine to provide phototherapy at home, but unfortunately it didn't help with her eating. By Sunday, the doctor feared Sara Louise may be dehydrated, so he had us go to the hospital. We spent the night (Nick and I in a twin bed!) and she was given IV fluids, as well as continued phototherapy. Sweet Sara Louise was such a trooper- she cried a bit when she got her IV, but other than that she was her usual sweet self. We called her our little 'glow worm'- the phototherapy 'blankets' are flourescent lights and they lit her up! Her poor little arm was barely big enough for the IV needles! After a night of eating better, we went home. The pictures above show that apparently Mom and Dad have differing ideas of how to make their daughter feel better-- Dad gives "daddy kisses" to soothe his little girl, while Mom gives Sara Louise a manicure! She's made good progress and we hope to have a good report from the doctor tomorrow!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008


When we woke up on January 13th we had no idea how the day would turn out, or that it would become the greatest day of our lives! Sara Louise decided to bless us 3 weeks early, and we couldn't be happier!

I woke up at 4 am with pain I'd never felt before and wondered if this was really it? After steady contractions I thought I should wake up Nick, who was very calm when I told him we'd be going to the hospital. He had warned me that I would have to be the calm one, but he was great! Probably helped that he was asleep when I told him the big news....We both kept thinking we'd be back in a few hours, so we weren't really rushing. We even contemplated turning around when we were halfway there- I hadn't had a contraction in almost 15 minutes but then a strong one came and to the hospital we kept going!

When we got there at 6 am, they put me on a monitor for an hour or so and then came and told us we were having a baby that day- WOW! Shock, excitement and a little bit of fear hit us all at once. I feel very blessed to have had what I would say were moderate contractions, but nothing severe. They had to talk me into going ahead and getting my epidural at 9 am! Then believe it or not, we actually had a very relaxing morning/ early afternoon, hanging out with Nick's parents, Tony and David, and my sister, Betsy. I caught up on the latest People (would this be the last one I'd read in peace, I wondered?) and Nick watched football- we even napped! The doctor said I was progressing nicely, and at 3 pm it was time to push! By 4:09 Sara Louise was here- and she was beautiful from her first breath!

I did have a little scare with my blood pressure dropping to 58/29, but with a little fluids I was back to being a proud mama again!

In the pictures you can see one of my last pregnant days- I KNEW I couldn't get any bigger!; our elation when she came out and changed our worlds forever; some shots of family and friends sharing in our joy; and our trip home which begins the most wonderful journey we'll ever take. Nick had said all along he didn't think he could stomach cutting the cord, but at the last minute they convinced him! In one picture I'm wearing my "First Place" medal that my 6 year old niece made me- she told me I'd won first place by delivering Sara Louise! (or "Sara Weez" as my 3 year old nephew calls her!)
We are so thankful that God as blessed us with this adorable 7 lb bundle! She loves visitors!